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Nagagalit na namán ang nanay ni Jack.
Jack's mom is blowing her top again.


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What is this for?

This page is designed to help you practice your accent by speaking Tagalog sentences out loud.

How It Works:
  • Click the "Play" button to start the audio. The sentence will be spoken in Tagalog, followed by a pause, and then the sentence will repeat (until you hit the Pause button).
  • Repeat the sentence aloud in tandem with the recording on the "Slow" speed setting until you can consistently say the sentence without error and at the same speed as the native speaker, every time.
  • Pay attention to the audio recording details and try to copy them exactly: accent, pauses, inflection and tone.
  • Once you've got it down, start again using the "Normal" speed recording.
  • There is a counter below the recording that will keep track of how often you've practiced repeating a sentence.
  • Language experts recommend selecting a group of sentences and repeating them 50 - 200 times each to improve your language accent and to sound more fluent.