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The Tagalog word nagagalit is the Filipino verb magalit » conjugated in the Uncompleted aspect ( present tense )

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[verb] to get mad; to get angry

Verb conjugations of magalit:

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Root: galitConjugation Type: Ma-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Completed (Past):
nagalit  Play audio #19014
Uncompleted (Present):
nagagalit  Play audio #19015
Contemplated (Future):
magagalit  Play audio #19016
Nagagalit Example Sentences in Tagalog: (16)
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Huwág kang magalit.
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Don't get angry.
Bakit ka nagalit?
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Why did you get angry?
Huwág ka nang magalit sa akin.
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Please don't get mad at me anymore.
Hindî akó nagagalit sa iyó.
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I'm not mad at you.
Bakit siyá nagagalit?
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Why is she angry?
Gustó mo ba akóng magalit?
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Are you trying to make me angry?
Nagagalit na namán ang nanay ni Jack.
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Jack's mom is blowing her top again.
Madalás ba kung magalit ang nanay ni Jack?
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Does Jack's mom lose her temper often?
Hindî namin akalain na magagalit ka.
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We did not think that you would get mad.
Hindî ko mapigilan na magalit kay Laura.
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I can't help but get mad at Laura.
Hindî ko iniexpéct na magagalit siyá.
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I didn't expect that he would get angry.
Pinangunahan ko siyá para hindî siyá masyadong magalit.
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I forewarned him so he won't get so angry.
Lumakás ang boses ni Jim nang nagalit siyá kay Tom.
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Jim's voice became louder when he got mad at Tom.
Nagalit ang tatay ni Anna kasí masyadong gabí na siyáng umuwî.
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Anna's father got mad at her because she came home very late.
Huwág mo akóng inisín at bakâ mapilitan akóng magalit sa iyó.
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Stop annoying me as I might be forced to get mad at you.
Magagalit ka ba kung sabihin kong naubos na ang perang ibinigáy mo sa akin?
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Would you get mad if I told you that I've already spent all the money that you gave me?

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