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The Tagalog word makákatanggáp is the Filipino verb makatanggap » conjugated in the Contemplated aspect ( future tense )

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[verb]  to receive; to be able to receive

Verb conjugations of makatanggap:

Root: tanggapConjugation Type: Maka-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Completed (Past):
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Uncompleted (Present):
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Contemplated (Future):
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Makakatanggap Example Sentences in Tagalog: (17)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Nakatanggáp akó ng liham na kinabilangan ng nakákatawáng mga guhit.
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I received a letter that included funny drawings.
Madalás makatanggáp ng email si Juliet galing sa mga kaibigan niyá.
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Juliet often receives emails from her friends.
Nakatanggáp si Jack ng regalo galing kay Mary.
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Jack received a gift from Mary.
Nais kong makatanggáp ng regalo sa aking kaarawán.
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I would like to receive a gift on my birthday.
Ayaw niyáng makatanggáp ng masamáng bali.
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She doesn't like to receive a bad news.
Kailangan mong magtrabaho nang mabuti kung gustó mong makatanggáp ka ng pagpupuri.
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You need to word hard if you want to receive praises.
Nakatanggáp ng sulat si Lita mulâ sa amá niyáng nagtátrabaho sa ibáng bansâ.
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Lita received a letter from her father who is working abroad.
Si Oscar ang nakatanggáp ng unang premyo sa patímpalák.
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Oscar received the first prize in the contest.
Ang estudyante ko ay nakatanggáp ng pagkilala mulâ sa lupon ng mga rehente.
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The student received a recognition from the board of regents.
Nakatanggáp si Melba ng yaya na mananghalian.
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Melba received a lunch invitation.
Hindî nakákatanggáp ng sapát na tulong mulâ sa gobyerno ang mga mahirap.
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Poor people are not receiving adequate aid from the government.
Mataás ang tingín ko sa taong nakákatanggáp sa mga puná ng ibáng tao.
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I have high regard for people who accept the opinion of other people.
Nakákatanggáp akó ng bali sa mga kinaúukulan tungkól sa imbestigasyón.
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I am receiving news about the investigation from the authorities.
Makákatanggáp ka ng maliít na halagá bilang pabu.
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You will receive a small amount as a reward.
Hindî na makákatanggáp ng bali ang mga tumiwalág sa grupo.
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Those who resigned from the group will no longer receive news.
Ang mga magulang mo ang unang makákatanggáp ng mga pagkukulang mo.
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Your parents are the first ones who will accept you for your shortcomings.
Siguradong makákatanggáp ka ng imbitasyón para sa kasál ko.
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For sure you will receive an invitation to my wedding.

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