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The Tagalog word dinalaw is the Filipino verb dalawin » conjugated in the Completed aspect ( past tense )

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[verb] to visit somewhere/someone

Verb conjugations of dalawin:

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Root: dalawConjugation Type: -In Verb
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Completed (Past):
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Uncompleted (Present):
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Contemplated (Future):
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Dinalaw Example Sentences in Tagalog: (19)
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Kahapon, dinalaw niyá ang nanay at tatay niyá.
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Yesterday he visited his mother and father.
May dadalawin akó sa ospitál.
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I will visit someone at the hospital.
Dalawin mo namán kamí minsan.
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Please visit us sometime.
Kailán mo akó dadalawin ulî?
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When will you visit me again?
Magandáng panahón itó para dalawin ang isáng kaibigan.
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This is a good time to visit a friend.
Gustó mo bang dalawin kitá?
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Do you want me to visit you?
Bumalík si Myla para dalawin akó.
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Myla came back to visit me.
Umuwî si Joan sa kaniláng nayon para dalawin ang kaniyáng iná.
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Joan returned to their village to visit her mother.
Dinalaw namin ang mga kamag-anak namin sa Albay.
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We visited our relatives in Albay.
Dinalaw ni Toni ang kapatíd niyáng si Alex.
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Toni visited her brother Alex.
Kailán silá dinalaw ni Janice?
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When did Janice visit them?
Dinalaw ni Jelmar ang mga sikát na lungsód sa France.
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Jelmar visited the famous cities in France.
Regulár akóng dinadalaw ng kuya ko.
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My big brother visits me regularly.
Mulâ noón, dinadalaw na niyá si Flora.
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Since then, he has been visiting Flora.
Walâ sa bahay ang dadalawin namin.
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The person we're visiting is not at home.
Dadalawin ni Nilo ang pamilya niyá sa kaniláng lumang bahay.
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Nilo will visit his family at their ancestral house.
Natutuwà si Marilyn kapág dinadalaw siyá ni Francis.
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Marilyn is happy when Francis visits her.
Tiyák na dadalawin ko ang Bangkok kung may panahón akó.
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I will surely visit Bangkok if I have the time.
Linggo-linggó dinadalaw niyá ang asawa niyáng nakakulóng.
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Every week she visits her husband who's in jail.

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