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The Tagalog word nadakíp is the Filipino verb madakip » conjugated in the Completed aspect ( past tense )

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[verb] to be able to catch or capture or arrest someone/something
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; to be captured, caught or arrested
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Verb conjugations of madakip:

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Root: dakipConjugation Type: Ma-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
madakíp  Play audio #11638
Completed (Past):
nadakíp  Play audio #38654
Uncompleted (Present):
nadádakíp  Play audio #38655
Contemplated (Future):
madádakíp  Play audio #38656
Nadakip Example Sentences in Tagalog: (12)
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Kailangan natin ng plano para madakíp ang salarín.
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We need a plan to capture the criminal.
Hinilíng ng bíktimang madakíp ang mágnanakaw.
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The victim wanted the thief captured.
Mahirap madakíp ang taong magalíng magta.
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A person who's good at hiding is difficult to capture.
Nadakíp na kahapon ang pumasláng.
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The murderer was arrested yesterday.
Nadakíp na ang mágnanakaw matapos siyáng mabitag.
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The thief was arrested after he was trapped.
Nadakíp ang tiyo ko kahit walâ siyáng sala.
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My uncle was arrested even if he was innocent.
Nadádakíp pa rin ang mga takas na preso.
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Escaped felons are still being caught.
Nadádakíp ng guwárdiyá ang mga nagnanakaw ng panindá.
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Shoplifters are being caught by the guard.
Hindî na nadádakíp ang mga maninindáng may pahintulot mulâ sa munisipyo.
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Vendors with permits from the city hall are no longer arrested.
Madádakíp ang mga taong magtátangkáng magpuslít ng kóntrabando.
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People who will attempt to smuggle contraband will be apprehended.
Madádakíp ang sínumáng mapapatunayang nagkasala.
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Anyone who is proven guilty will be arrested.
Madádakíp ba akó kung nakaligtaán kong magbayad ng buwís?
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Will I be arrested if I forget to pay my tax on time?

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