Root: aral

aral is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root aral:
~ related to learning, studying

Aral Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "aral"

mag-aral : [verb] to study; to learn   more... »
aral : [noun] lesson; studies   more... »
arál : [adjective] educated; trained; learned; well-informed   more... »
aralin : [verb] to study something   more... »
pag-aaral : [noun] study; studies; education; learning   more... »
pag-aralan : [verb] to study something   more... »
aralín : [noun] lesson; instruction; something to study   more... »
páaralán : [noun] school   more... »
magpaaral : [verb] to send someone to school   more... »
mág-aarál : [noun] students; class   more... »
makapag-aral : [verb] to be able to study   more... »
paaralin : [verb] to have someone study; to send someone to school (have/make someone go to school)   more... »
pagpapaaral : [noun] having someone study / go to school; scholarship;   more... »
mapag-aralan : [verb] to be able to study something   more... »
napag-aralán : [noun] studies; scholastic study   more... »
pangaral : [noun] sermon; moral lecture; lecture; moral advice; admonishment; exhortation   more... »
silíd-aralán : [noun] classroom; study room   more... »
mangaral : [verb] to preach; to give earnest advice   more... »
pangaralan : [verb] to advise someone   more... »
kamag-arál : [noun] fellow student; classmate   more... »
paláarál : [adjective] studious   more... »
balík-aral : [noun] review (of educational or informative materials)   more... »
lakbay-aral : field trip   more... »
kápapangaral : [noun] the constant act of admonishing or exhorting   more... »
takdáng aralín : [noun] homework; assignment   more... »
pagbabalík-aral : [noun] review; lesson review   more... »
páaraláng pribado : [noun] private school   more... »
mataás na páaralán : [noun] high school   more... »
gradwadong pag-aaral : [noun] Graduate School   more... »

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