Root: buhay

buhay is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root buhay:
~ related to life, being alive

Buhay Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "buhay"

buhay : [noun] life   more... »
buháy : [adjective] alive; living   more... »
mabuhay : [verb] to live; to survive; to exist; to have life   more... »
Mabuhay! : [expression] Welcome!; Literally: "Live long!"   more... »
buhayin : [verb] to bring something/someone to life; to give life to something/someone; to revive someone; to provide for someone; to support something/someone; to enable another to live; to turn something on; to raise someone (a child)   more... »
mamuhay : [verb] to live; to reside in a certain place   more... »
pamumuhay : [noun] way of life; lifestyle   more... »
bumuhay : [verb] to bring to life; to give life to; to revive; to support to enable another to live   more... »
kabuhayan : [noun] belongings; assets; livelihood; a living (income)   more... »
habambuhay : [adjective] lifelong; perpetual; lifetime; all my life; forever   more... »
hánapbuhay : [noun] livelihood; work; job; employment; trade; profession   more... »
pagkabuhay : [noun] living; resurrection   more... »
hábang-buhay : [adjective] lifelong; perpetual; lifetime; all my life; forever   more... »
isabuhay : [verb] to give life to something; to bring something to life (figuratively); to apply something   more... »
maghanap-buhay : [verb] to earn a living; to work   more... »
sumakabilang-buhay : [verb] to die; to go on to the other life; to cross over to the other side   more... »
pangkabuhayan : [noun] economy   more... »
tálambuhay : [noun] biography; life story; one's whole life   more... »
pagbuhay : [noun] revival; raising/rearing   more... »
ikabuhay : [verb] to cause/give a reason for living   more... »
magbágong-buhay : [verb] to turn over a new leaf; to rehabilitate   more... »
mabuhayan : [verb] to enliven something (DF); to become enlivened (AF)   more... »
ikinabubuhay : [noun] living; livelihood   more... »
pagbibigáy-buhay : [noun] giving life to   more... »
pagháhanapbuhay : [noun] earning a living; making a living   more... »
buwís-buhay : [adjective] life threatening; risky   more... »
ágaw-buhay : [adjective] dying; literally "snatching life"   more... »
kabiláng-buhay : [noun] afterlife   more... »
ipamuhay : [verb] to give life to something; to exercise something (a right, freedom, etc.)   more... »
isapamuhay : [verb] to live by; to make a lifestyle   more... »
makabubuhay : [adjective] enough to live on   more... »
bágong-buhay : [noun] new life   more... »
panghábang-buhay : [adjective] life-long; for life   more... »
magbuwís ng buhay : [verb] to risk one's life   more... »
Linggó ng Pagkabuhay : [noun] Easter Sunday   more... »

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