Root: buti

buti is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root buti:
~ related to being good or fine, becoming good

Buti Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "buti"

buti : [noun] goodness; kindness; [adjective] well; better off; it's good   more... »
mabuti : [adjective] fine; good; ok; well; advisable; doing good physically; good in character or conduct   more... »
kabutihan : [noun] goodness; good; benevolence; kindness; benefit   more... »
ikabuti : [verb] to be the cause of improvement or getting better   more... »
makabuti : [verb] to be beneficial; to benefit; to have a positive effect on something/someone   more... »
mapabuti : [verb] to be able to improve something   more... »
pagbutihin : [verb] to make something good/better; to do something well   more... »
butihín : [adjective] gentle; charming   more... »
bumuti : [verb] to improve; to become good; to get better; to develop   more... »
pagpapabuti : [noun] betterment; improvement   more... »
mas mabuti : [adjective] better   more... »
mabutihin : [verb] to prefer something; to favor something   more... »
magpabuti : [verb] to improve; to have made better   more... »
napakabuti : [adjective] very good; very kind   more... »
pabutihin : [verb] to improve something; to cause something to improve   more... »
ibuti : [verb] to show improvement   more... »
pakábutihin : [verb] to try hard to make something the best   more... »
buti na lang : fortunately; the good this is...; it's a good thing   more... »
mabuti na lang : [adjective] fortunately; it's a good thing; it's just as well   more... »

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