Root: dalawa

dalawa is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root dalawa:
~ related to two

Dalawa Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "dalawa"

dalawá : [number] two (2); both; couple (of two)   more... »
pangalawá : [adjective] second; second best; secondary   more... »
ikalawá : [adjective] second   more... »
magdalawá : [verb] to be two; to have two of something   more... »
kamakalawá : [noun] two days ago; the other day; the day before yesterday;   more... »
dádalawá : [adjective] only two; being two   more... »
nakadalawá : [adjective] to be two; to have two; to have tried two   more... »
pumangalawá : [verb] to come in second place; to come in second;   more... »
makálawá : [adjective] two days (from now); twice; two times   more... »
dalawahan : [adjective] duo; dual; doubled; double; for two; [adverb] two by two; two at a time   more... »
labindalawá : [number] twelve (12); a dozen   more... »
dalawampû : [number] twenty (20)   more... »
tigalawa : [adjective] two for each one   more... »
nakakadalawá : causing two   more... »
dalá-dalawá : [adjective] in twos; by twos; in pairs; two at a time   more... »
samakalawá : [adverb] day after tomorrow; the next day; the following day after tomorrow   more... »
dalawampú't anim : [adjective] twenty six (26)   more... »

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