Root: hindi

hindi is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root hindi:
~ related to no, not

Hindi Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "hindi"

hindî : [adverb] no; not; don't; do not; didn't; did not; won't; will not; can't; cannot; isn't; is not; aren't   more... »
kundî : [preposition] except; if not; but rather; but also; not only; otherwise; aside from; other than; on the contrary; or else; * short for "kung hindi"   more... »
edí : [expression] well, in that case; what else but; well; if not, then...; well then; so; in that case; not that; therefore; so then; * short for "eh, kung hindi";   more... »
humindî : [verb] to say no; to deny   more... »
hinding-hindî : [adverb] never; never ever; not at all; not in any way   more... »
hindián : [verb] to say no to something; to deny something; to decline something   more... »
makahindî : [verb] to be able to say no   more... »
diya : [interjection] Really?   more... »
dehins : [slang] no; not; * derived from the word hindi   more... »
'di ngâ? : [interjection] seriously? really? no kidding?   more... »
hindí pá : not yet   more... »
hindí ko : [phrase] I don't   more... »
at hindî : [conjunction] and not   more... »
ni hindî : [conjunction] nor   more... »
hindí ba : [phrase] right?; isn't that right?; isn't it so?; didn't I tell you? Often shortened to: 'di ba?   more... »
hindî na : [expression] not any more; no more; not now; no longer; no further; never; never mind   more... »
hindí láng : not only; not just   more... »
hindí namán : [phrase] not really; actually not; used to deny a statement or assumption   more... »

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