Root: taas

taas is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root taas:
~ related to being high or tall

Taas Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "taas"

taás-noó : [adjective/adverb] with pride   more... »
mataás : [adjective] high; tall; superior; elevated   more... »
itaás : [verb] to raise something; to lift something; to uplift something; to elevate something   more... »
taás : [noun] height; altitude; highness; up   more... »
pagtaás : [noun] rising; promotion; ascension; increase (in price)   more... »
tumaás : [verb] to rise; to ascend; to become higher; to go upwards   more... »
pataás : [adjective/adverb] upwards; upward; heading higher; heading up; increasing; escalating   more... »
taasán : [verb] to raise something; to increase something   more... »
itaás : [adjective] up; above; upper; upstairs; the top; [noun] upstairs   more... »
mataasán : [verb] to outrank something/someone; to outgrow something/someone   more... »
magtaás : [verb] to raise; to elevate   more... »
pínakamataás : [adjective] highest; supreme; tallest (object)   more... »
pataasán : [verb] to make something higher   more... »
pang-itaás : [noun] blouse; top (clothing)   more... »
makataás : [verb] to precede; to be higher   more... »
pagtataás : [noun] rising; promotion; ascension; increase (in price)   more... »
pagmamataás : [adjective] arrogance   more... »
kátaás-taasan : [adjective] tallest; supreme   more... »
pataasan : [noun] a contest in which the person with the highest score wins   more... »
pagtaasán ng boses : [verb] to raise one's voice to someone   more... »
kataasan : [noun] height; elevation   more... »
mapataás : [verb] to suddenly raise; to be able to increase   more... »
maitaás : [verb] to be able to raise; to be able to lift; to be able to elevate;   more... »
pataasín : [verb] to raise   more... »
nakatataás : [adjective] highest; most elevated; highest rank   more... »
magpataás : [verb] to cause to rise   more... »
napakataás : [adjective] very high   more... »
napataás : [adjective] raised   more... »
pinakataás : [adjective] highest; tallest   more... »
paitaás : [adverb] towards the top   more... »
sa itaás : [adverb] above   more... »
dí-kataasan : [adjective] not tall; not high   more... »

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