Root: takot

takot is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root takot:
~ related to fear, frightening, being frightened

Takot Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "takot"

takót : [adjective/adverb] afraid; apprehensive; frightened; aghast; nervous; fear   more... »
takot : [noun] fear   more... »
matakot : [verb] to be afraid; to be scared; to dread; to be anxious; to be nervous   more... »
nakákatakot : [adjective] frightening; fearsome; freakish; causing fear; scary   more... »
takutin : [verb] to frighten someone; to scare someone; to intimidate someone; to threaten someone; to daunt; to be daunting   more... »
manakot : [verb] to frighten; to intimidate   more... »
panakot : [noun] threat; anything used to cause fear; scarecrow   more... »
katakutan : [verb] to fear something; to be afraid of something   more... »
pananakot : [noun] intimidation; scaring; scare   more... »
katákot-takot : [adjective] frightening; fear inducing; fearful; atrocious   more... »
ikatakot : [verb] to cause fear   more... »
matatakutin : [adjective] fearful; timid   more... »
katakut-takót : [adjective/adverb] fearful; tremendous   more... »
pagkatakot : [noun] having fear   more... »
makapanakot : [verb] to frighten   more... »
wálang-takot : [adjective] daring; fearless   more... »

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