Root: tawad

tawad is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tawad:
~ related to 1.) forgiveness, pardon, 2.) discounting something (in price)

Tawad Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tawad"

tawad : [noun] discount; forgiveness; excuse   more... »
patawarin : [verb] to forgive someone; to spare someone   more... »
patawad : [interjection] Forgive me!; I'm sorry!; I apologize   more... »
patawarin : please forgive   more... »
tumawad : [verb] to ask for a discount; to bargain   more... »
mapatawad : [verb] to be able to forgive someone; to be able to give a discount to someone   more... »
tawaran : [verb] to haggle   more... »
magpatawad : [verb] to forgive; to give a discount   more... »
tawarán : [noun] haggling   more... »
kapatawarán : [noun] forgiveness; pardon   more... »
ipagpatawad : [verb] to forgive; to excuse; to pardon   more... »
mapagpatawad : [adjective] forgiving   more... »
pagpapatawad : [noun] forgiveness; forgiving;   more... »
itawad : [verb] to offer a discounted price   more... »
magtawarán : [verb] to haggle   more... »

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