Root: tawag

tawag is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tawag:
~ related to calling or telephoning someone

Tawag Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tawag"

tawag : [noun] call; name for   more... »
tawagin : [verb] to call on someone; to call out to someone (who is nearby); to call someone something (a name, a nickname, etc.); to hail someone; to be called something; to summon someone   more... »
tumawag : [verb] to call; to summon; to phone   more... »
tawagan : [verb] to call someone; to phone someone; to call someone by phone; to call someone (who is far away)   more... »
matawag : [verb] to get called; to be summoned   more... »
manawagan : [verb] to ask for help; to ask for cooperation; to appeal   more... »
itawag : [verb] to call someone something; to name something; to call about something; to call someone for someone else   more... »
pánawagan : [noun] call to action; appeal; plea   more... »
magtawág : [verb] to summon; to call on   more... »
patawagin : [verb] request someone to call for taxi, doctor, etc.; let someone call another by telephone   more... »
ipatawag : [verb] to have someone be called; to call for someone; to summon someone; * focus on the person/people being called for   more... »
pagtawag : [noun] calling; calling out to; the act of calling someone/something   more... »
pantawag : [noun] credits for making a call   more... »
magtawagán : [verb] to call each other (reciprocal verb)   more... »
nakatawag : [adjective] calling; calling out   more... »
mapatawag : [verb] to send for someone; to have someone sent for; to summon someone; to call (AF)   more... »
pagtatawág : [noun] calling   more... »
pakitawagan : please call someone   more... »

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