Root: tulong

tulong is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tulong:
~ related to helping, assisting

Tulong Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tulong"

makatulong : [verb] to be able to help; to be able to contribute   more... »
tulong : [noun] help; benefit; aid; backing; [interjection] Help!   more... »
tumulong : [verb] to help; to contribute; to back; to assist   more... »
tulungan : [verb] to help someone; to aid someone   more... »
matulungan : [verb] to be able to help someone   more... »
nakakatulong : [adjective] helpful; able to help   more... »
maitulong : to do something to help   more... »
katulong : [noun] maid; assistant; helper; hired help; attendant; [adjective] helping   more... »
magtulungán : [verb] to help one another (reciprocal verb)   more... »
magpatulong : [verb] to enlist the help of   more... »
pagtulong : [noun] helping; assistance; subsidy;   more... »
matulong : [verb] to be able to help   more... »
pakíkipagtulungán : [noun] organization; helping each other   more... »
makipagtulungán : [verb] to cooperate; to help each other   more... »
pagtútulungán : [noun] cooperation   more... »
matulungín : [adjective] helpful   more... »
magtulong : [verb] to collaborate; to help one another   more... »
magtulung-tulong : [verb] to help each other; to rally together   more... »
magkatulong : [noun] mutually helping each other   more... »
túlong-tulong : [noun] helping; helping together; helping one another   more... »
pakitulong : please help   more... »
pakitulungan : please help (someone)   more... »
pinansiyál na tulong. : [noun] financial assistance   more... »

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