Root: una

una is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root una:
~ related to one, first, being first

Una Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "una"

una : [adjective] first; ahead; before; earliest; foremost   more... »
mauná : [verb] to be the first; to go first; to be ahead; to start; to precede; to lead / be in the leading position; to go before something; to anticipate   more... »
náuná : [adjective] prior; preliminary; antecedent   more... »
unahin : [verb] to do something first; to have something first; to prioritize something   more... »
unahan : [verb] to get ahead of something; to keep something from happening; to prevent something in advance; to go ahead of something; to preempt something   more... »
unahán : [noun] front; front position   more... »
manguna : [verb] to lead; to be first; to take the lead; to take initiative; to be on the top   more... »
pangunahin : [adjective] primary; major; main; chief; ultimate; central; guest (main); dominant; headlining   more... »
maunahan : [verb] to be ahead of the rest (AF); to be first (AF); to be able to be first (AF); to beat someone (going somewhere/doing something) (OF); to go before something/someone   more... »
pangunahan : [verb] to forewarn someone about; to warn someone beforehand; to advise someone beforehand; to preempt something; * focus on the person being warned/advised   more... »
pangunguna : [noun] initiative; precedence   more... »
káuná-unahan : [adjective] very first; earliest; premier   more... »
pinakauna : [adjective] the very first   more... »
sinauna : [adjective] ancient; prehistoric; early people   more... »
únang-una : [adjective] first of all; the very first; first and foremost;   more... »
pauna : [noun] deposit; [adjective/adverb] advance (money); doing first   more... »
paunahin : [verb] to let something go first; to have something go first   more... »
sa una : long ago; formerly   more... »
panguna : [noun] the act of taking the lead; first   more... »
noóng una : at first...   more... »
paunang salitâ : [noun] foreword (usually, a short intro to a novel or body of text)   more... »
unang pagkakataón : [noun] first time   more... »

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