Text Frequency Stats: tagpo

Frequency Score:
Average Frequency

Strings analyzed:
tagpo, tagpong
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String frequency counts:
tagpo :: 154
tagpong :: 23

There is not enough data for this entry to determine if it is more common in formal or casual speech.?

About this Page:

This page indicates the frequency of the related string(s) of text in a large sample text (24 million words) in the Tagalog language.

Only 19.89% of all dictionary entries occur more frequently in sample texts than this one.


Caveat: This page counts the frequency of these strings with no regard to accent/stress in pronunciation (since accents and stresses are not indicated in our sample Tagalog texts). This means that words with different meanings for differently stressed syllables will show up with the same frequency indicator count. Use the frequency indicator with caution for words where the spelling is the same for multiple meanings or stress locations: it is likely one meaning is more frequent than the others, even though the frequency indicator posted here is the same.