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Welcome! We have developed an add-on / extension for our dictionary users.

Current Filipino / Tagalog Browser Add-ons Available:

** Note: these browser extensions do require the latest updated browser versions.

Firefox Add-on * now available! *

Google Chrome Add-on * now available! *


  • Quick Filipino / Tagalog => English dictionary translations at your fingertips on any web site. Includes browser bar icon, and right-click selected text lookup.
  • Search results include links to audio clips for all dictionary entries, recorded by people born in the Philippines.
  • "Smart" search understands how the Filipino / Tagalog language works. This Dictionary can strip away Filipino language prefixes, affixes and infixes to show related Filipino words based on the search term's word root.
  • Entries include accent marks to indicate where the stressed syllable of each word is located for proper pronunciation.

*** Please note: This is a dictionary program to translate words from Filipino to English. It does not translate full phrases / sentences.

How to Use:

Once installed you can do quick and convenient Filipino word look ups from ANY web site:
  • OPTION 1: Click the new browser bar icon to search manually.
  • OPTION 2: Highlight a Filipino word with your mouse, right-click, then choose the new "Translate Filipino => English" option.
  • OPTION 3: Highlight a Filipino word with your mouse, then type "Ctrl+Shift+F"

Help / Troubleshooting

Please contact us if you have any technical difficulties or would like to report bugs:
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