Filipino Flash Card Instructions

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The Basics: Using This Site's Flash Card Program

  • Click on a flash card set to start studying.
  • The website will show you one side of the flash card. Translate (in your mind) the word shown from Filipino to English.
  • Click or tap the flash card to see the correct answer on the back side of the card.
  • If you got it right, click the "Correct" button. Otherwise, click the "Wrong" button.
  • While you're studying, the website will show your "Wrong" cards more often so you study more efficiently.
  • Be honest with yourself! You're only cheating yourself by answering "Correct" when you get one wrong.
  • Complete a flash card "round" by marking all the flash cards "Correct" 3x times.
  • After you have completed a flash card round, your progress will be saved. You must complete a full round in one session for your study time to be saved.
  • Completing a round on schedule earns you a star (see below).

Stars & Spaced Repetition Learning

  • This website encourages the spaced repetition technique for learning flash cards. This technique involves re-reviewing learned cards at periodic time intervals to memorize them more efficiently.
  • You earn stars on flash card sets on this website by studying and completing a full round of cards in a flash card set.
  • According to the spaced repetition technique, you can only earn stars only after a certain amount of time has passed since your last study of a flash card set. This is the schedule to earn stars:
  • 1st Star = After first round completion.
  • 2nd Star = 1 day after earning the 1st star.
  • 3rd Star = 3 days after 2 stars.
  • 4th Star = 10 days after 3 stars.
  • 5th Star = 21 days after 4 stars.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your progress is only saved if you complete a full round of a flash card set in a single sitting. If you quit half way through, your progress will not be saved.
  • Scheduling Alerts: At the appropriate time, the Flash Cards Home Page will automatically show you an alert when a set is due to be studied again to earn your next star, according to the space repetition schedule.
  • This feature is only available to registered members.

Flash Card Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're using a Desktop or Laptop computer, you can use keyboard shortcuts to make cycling through your Flash Cards faster and easier. This works on most modern and up to date browsers. It does not work for iPads/iPhones (tapping is easier on those devices anyway).
Enter/Return OR Space Bar: Flips a flash card over.
Left Arrow OR "1": Marks a card as "Wrong".
Right Arrow OR "2": Marks a card as "Right" (get it? right arrow = right answer!).

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