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  • Lessons By Filipinos For Filipino Language Learners:
    Lessons on this site have been developed by Filipino teachers just for beginner Filipino language learners like you! Materials are backed up with hundreds of audio recordings, hundreds of example sentences, and hundreds of online practice drills so you can learn and fully internalize concepts discussed on the site.

  • Audio Recordings:
    Lessons include hundreds of audio recordings by multiple Filipinos who speak Filipino / Tagalog as their first language, pronounced with a neutral Filipino accent.

  • Practice Drills:
    Practice drills help you memorize and internalize lessons in a practical way, and help you feel confident you've learned the materials thoroughly.

  • Online Dictionary:
    This site includes a comprehensive online dictionary of popular Filipino / Tagalog words, including accent markup and thousands of audio recordings so you can be confident you're learning a new word the correct way.

How To Use This Site

  • Words with dashed gray lines under them can be clicked or tapped ( on phones or tablets ) to reveal the definition of a word.
  • Solid underlined vowels indicate where the stress lies in a word. For example, the /a/ and /o/ in the following sentence are stressed: "Kumustá po kayó?" ( more on this in the pronunciation lessons )
  • Get personalized assistance at any time by clicking on the "Forums" tab at the top of any page and posting your question there.
  • Click the Mark Complete button when you're through with a lesson to keep track of where you are in the program.

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