ABNKKBSKNPL (Aba! Nakakabasa ka na pala.)

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Author Photo by: TeacherJim Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Oct 13 2020, 10:48pm CST ~ 7 mos. ago. 
ABNKKBSKNPL (Aba! Nakakabasa ka na pala.)
Informal (left) vs. Formal (right)
Some Tagalog words (shorten or slang) which you might have encountered online via chat with a Pinoy friend and you might curiously ask what the original text is. Here are some examples:
me - may (there is)
db - hindi ba? (isn't it)
anyare - anong nangyari (what happened?)
ansabe - anong sabi (what was said?)
peram - pahiram (may i borrow)
penge - pahingi (may i have some)
kelangan - kailangan (need)
meron - mayroon (there is)
sakin - sa akin (to me / mine)
sayo - sa iyo (to you / yours)
samin - sa amin (to us / ours exclusive)
konti - kaunti (few / a little)
yung - iyong (that over there)
ganon - ganoon (that is so)
kelan - kailan (when)
pano - paano (how)
san - saan (where)
bat - bakit (why)
wag - huwag (don't)
di - hindi (not)
anong - ano ang (what is)
pag - kapag (when / if)
to - ito (it / this)
yan - iyan (that)
yon - iyon (that over there)
nyo - ninyo (you, plural - object / yours)
kaw - ikaw (you, singular - subject)
kau - kayo (you, plural - subject)
naku - anak ko (my child)
te - ate (elder sister)
dyan/jan - diyan (there, near the listener)
don - doon (over there, far from both speaker and listener)
kc - kasi (because)
bewang - baiwang / baywang (waist)
balakajan - bahala ka diyan (I'll leave you there)
balana - bahala na (come what may)
cge/geh - sige (alright)
kala ko - akala ko (i thought)
yoko - ayaw ko (i don't like)
tsaka - at saka (and also)
pde / pede - pwede (possible / it can be)
tado / tarantado (impulsive / careless)
If you know more contracted words which are spelled differently, kindly comment down below and also share what the original text is. Thanks. Happy Learning!
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Author Photo ailurophile
Oct 14 2020, 6:37am CST ~ 7 mos. ago. 
Here are even more contracted words that I know!
ung - yung (informal version of "ang"/the)
lng - lang (just/only)
onga - oo nga (yeah, you're right/I know, right?)
luh/ala - hala (an exclamation of warning, i.e "Oh no!")
aq - ako (I/me)
lng - lang (just/ only)
nlng - na lang (just do this instead/instead of the other options)
nnmn - na naman (again)
s/c - si (a word placed before a proper noun (singular))
dp - di pa/hindi pa (not yet)
teka - hintay ka (please wait)
ngaun - ngayon (now)
dto - dito (here)
cno - sino (who)
rineg - dinig (audible)
naol - sana all (used to express jealousy when someone has something that you don't, when this is used sarcastically, it is kind of the equivalent of "edi wow")
oks - okey (okay)
Please correct me if I made a mistake, thanks!~/Pa-correct nyo nga po ako kung nagkamali ako. Maraming salamat!~
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