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Author Photo by: AMBoy Badge: SupporterBadge: Serious SupporterBadge: VIP Supporter
Jun 08 2020, 3:38am CST ~ 1 mo., 4 days ago. 
I work from home, so I get more than a fair amount of leeway on when, how, if and when I work.
Lately I find it so hard because all I want to do is:
Study Tagalog
Talk about Tagalog
Prepare to Study Tagalog
Talk about Studying Tagalog
I'm only half joking when I say it's kinda becoming an I will force myself to try to get some much needed work done while listening to Glosika in the background to get some passive studying if nothing else .
Any one else getting obsessive?
Don't get me wrong, way too much time is wasted preparing to study, all this work avoidance is still not leading to extremely huge amount of study, but probably more than most people put in. I'm trying to wind things up so I can just execute on studying as full time as possible.
Thanks for listening.
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Author Photo primesgenato
Jun 08 2020, 4:11am CST ~ 1 mo., 4 days ago. 
I won't say I'm obsessive about Tagalog, but I am taking it seriously. I've been obsessive about learning many other things in the past though. It's led to my being good at them. It's normal to be obsessive about something you're passionate about.
So I say, enjoy and dwell on the obsession while you still have it. Let it feed you into pushing you further. Cos you may find that one day, you no longer have the benefit of that obsession. That's when things gradually go downhill.
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Author Photo Scrover
Jun 08 2020, 4:42am CST ~ 1 mo., 4 days ago. 
For me I'm more trying to just urge myself to break into B2 CEFR, or upper intermediate. It's less of an obsession, but it's more a "let's just get this done so I can do more native-speaker-like stuff in the language, would you Scrover?"
Maybe if you were to schedule a block of a certain amount of hours for a certain amount of days at a certain particular time, maybe that would help you get some more consistent study in?
I currently have full time commitments to balance to while I study from home, so I block out four hours for Tagalog five days a week, and anything extra is a bonus. It's what helped me make sure my Tagalog learning was more consistent.
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Author Photo AMBoy Badge: SupporterBadge: Serious SupporterBadge: VIP Supporter
Jun 08 2020, 5:03am CST ~ 1 mo., 4 days ago. 
@Scrover I really want to block and keep meaning to try, but my personality makes it kinda hard tho. But I think I will try soon. I will need to close everything out, phone off, all notifications of any type. Not even TLDC forums. Ok that's the goal tomorrow. Wake up, eat, 4 hours of actual studying, not prepping, not talking. 4 hours of real study and THEN I can get back to my prepping ways before I start working.
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Author Photo akosikoneho Badge: SupporterBadge: Serious SupporterBadge: VIP Supporter
Jun 08 2020, 5:07am CST ~ 1 mo., 4 days ago. 
I always joke I'm on the spectrum and that languages are my special interest.
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Author Photo GuttermanKhan
Jun 09 2020, 11:26pm CST ~ 1 mo., 2 days ago. 
When I go through a few days of intense studying, I dream in Tagalog. So weird!
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