Hello helloo! My name is Toni and I am from United States and I

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Author Photo by: blackpomegranate
Mar 10 2023, 3:14pm CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
Hello helloo! My name is Toni and I am from United States and I am a Beginner Filipino language student.
I am studying the Filipino language because I am half Filipino and would like to communicate with my family in the Philippines and become more in touch with my culture. Any help or advice is appreciated and good luck to all on their language learning journeys! :D
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Author Photo MANGYANAKO Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Apr 14 2023, 1:26am CST ~ 5 mos., 19 days ago. 
Im a filipino and im studying english to have a nice conversation with my students. I think the very first step is to know the common phrases and idioms used by the filipinos, thats what im doing in learning english. I wrote down english phrases everytime o hear a new one.learning phrases and idioms is learning culture too.
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Author Photo calderonsandy123 Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Jul 15 2023, 8:59am CST ~ 2 mos., 16 days ago. 
hello, Toni I'm glad that you are much interested in speaking Tagalog. It seems that you are closed to your relatives back in the Philippines. You will do anything just to keep in touch with them. You know what, that is one of the traits of a Filipino. To keep close to your family. And for that, you are a certified pusong pinoy.
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