Etymology of the word "tanggol"?

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Author Photo by: ireneccan
Feb 24 2023, 10:45am CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
My mother was watching the new teleserye, Batang Quiapo, and she told me about the show's protagonist, nicknamed "Tanggol". She translated the name as "protector", but earlier this week, she said she mistranslated it, and it instead meant "defender". So it started a discussion between the two of us on what exactly the difference is between the two words. She said she wasn't really sure what the nuances of "Tanggol" were, so I'm curious what exactly the word means, where it came from, and if it has the same ambiguity as "protector" and "defender" in English.
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Author Photo adrian313
Mar 11 2023, 9:49pm CST ~ 2 weeks, 0 days ago. 
They're very close in my opinion. If I had to distinguish, I'd say protection is passive while defense is active. Wearing armor is protection while using martial arts is defense. I liken tanggol more to defend but protect is super close.
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