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Author Photo by: megamikotone666
Sep 26 2023, 2:46pm CST ~ 2 mos., 3 days ago. 
I've been having trouble with this one aspect of Tagalog for awhile now and was wondering if someone could help me?
What is the difference between Itinuturo and Nagtuturo? or just ituro and magturo in general?
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Author Photo Giorgio
Sep 26 2023, 4:57pm CST ~ 2 mos., 3 days ago. 
Well, for one thing, there is a grammatical difference in their uses. Ituro has object focus, and magturo has actor focus. So the former has, as point of departure, the thing that is taught, and the latter has the teacher. So if you want to use a relative sentence, you choose the one that fits the point of departure in the main clause:
Si Paul na nagtuturo... - Paul, who teaches...
Ang topic na itinuturo - the topic that is taught...
Apart from that, there are also differences in meaning between the various forms of each verb. For instance, is it done intentionally? Or how intensively? But I'll leave that to a native speaker to explain better. I do remember a nice post where somebody mentioned kissing his grandmother... in one case, it might be a normal greeting, in the other case it might be considered weird to use that particular form when describing kissing one's grandma...
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Author Photo DenC Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Sep 26 2023, 7:26pm CST ~ 2 mos., 3 days ago. 
@Giorgio is correct about "ituro" as OF and "magturo" as AF. I'd like to give examples that are more parallel so you can compare the two.
"Itinuturo ni Paul ang Tagalog." = Tagalog is being taught by Paul.
"Nagtuturo si Paul ng Tagalog." = Paul is teaching Tagalog.
You can identify the focus by the position of the definitives "si" and "ang" in these examples which is reflected in their English translation. I can send you a link for reference if you like.
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Author Photo Ayin143 Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Oct 10 2023, 4:22pm CST ~ 1 mo., 19 days ago. 
"Ituro" and "magturo" mean "to teach" -future tense
Magturo ka ng Tagalog. Unahin mong ituro mo ang mga simpleng salita.
(You teach Tagalog. You teach simple words first.)
"Itinuturo" and "nagtuturo" mean "teaching" -present tense.
Nagtuturo ako ng Tagalog. Itinuturo ko ang alpabetong Filipino muna bago ang pagbuo ng mga salita.
I am teaching Tagalog. I teach the Filipino alphabet first before forming words.
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