Musta kayo?

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Author Photo by: AndresGustavo
Jun 05 2023, 9:54pm CST ~ 3 mos., 21 days ago. 
Musta kayo?
I'm planning to put in my speech some Filipino popular sayings, but sincerely, I don't know.
Can any Kaibigan help me with this? Popular Saying and meaning.
Maraming salamat!
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Author Photo Juantutri Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Jun 07 2023, 12:00am CST ~ 3 mos., 20 days ago. 
Here are some that I get to hear once in a while:
Matalino man ang matsíng, napaglálalangán din. = Lit: Though the monkey is intelligent, he can also be fooled. = A wise man can also be fooled. (Matsing is an obsolete Tagalog word for “monkey”. Good luck though with pronouncing “napaglalalangan”, kaibigan.😅😉)
Kung hindì ukol, hindì bubukol. = Lit: If it’s not apropos, it won’t cause a bulge. = It's not going to be if it’s not meant to be.
Walang humipò ng palayók na hindi naulingan. = Lit: Whoever handles a pot gets grime = Getting involved in dirty work makes you dirty too.
These 2 convey similar meanings:
Kung ano ang itinaním, ‘yun din ang aanihin. = You reap what you sow.
Kung ano ang punò, siya rin ang bunga. = As the tree, so the fruit.
You may want to google “saláwikaín (proverbs)” to learn some more. However, the popularity of Filipino/Tagalog sayings may be regional and may not, therefore, have universal appeal.
Also, “musta kayo?” is how we sometimes colloquially say "kumusta kayo?", but its written form has to be “ ‘musta kayo? “ with the apostrophe indicating the omission of the needed “ku” or “ka”. It's better to get used to writing it with an apostrophe as “musta” is not a proper Tagalog word.
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