Question: I am an American, I live in the Philippines. At a rece

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Author Photo by: 2nailsScrumpy
Mar 01 2023, 1:48pm CST ~ 3 weeks, 4 days ago. 
Question: I am an American, I live in the Philippines. At a recent dinner I was asked why I wasnt eating. I replied "kinain ko na ang hapunan. I was unanimously corrected, telling me I am only to say kumain ko ng hapunan. How is it I am wrong?
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Author Photo Beemo
Mar 01 2023, 8:27pm CST ~ 3 weeks, 4 days ago. 
Because your reply translates to "I already ate the dinner", which doesn't make sense in this case. 'Kinain' from the verb 'kainin', is an object focus verb. So your reply focuses on what is being eaten rather than who does the eating. Which is why 'kumain' - an actor focus verb- makes sense here. Bc kumain focuses on who does the eating rather than what is being eaten.
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Author Photo Animatrix
Mar 03 2023, 11:07pm CST ~ 3 weeks, 1 day ago. 
Also, and this is just a guess, I try and go with very simple stuff, the simpler the better I think to get the point across, than add words that make it perfect later, at least that is my approach to language learning. I used to focus so much on grammar and this is a poor method since you can't really translate each word from English to Tagalog or Spanish as it just doesn't work and confuses me more. I go with bulky chunks now, for example, I would try to say, "food, I like". or "go, you there". I hope that makes sense.
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Author Photo PinoyTaj Badge: Supporter
Mar 15 2023, 6:23pm CST ~ 1 week, 4 days ago. 
Kumain na kasi ako (ng hapunan) (kanina).
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