Question: "ang magiging" vs "ay magiging"

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Author Photo by: NovaChromatic
Oct 30 2023, 1:35am CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
Question: "ang magiging" vs "ay magiging"
Sentences in question:
1. 'yan ang magiging premyo natin!
2. 'yan ay magiging premyo natin!
3. Magiging premyo natin 'yan!
(Translation: "That will be our prize!")
Which of these is more natural? / How do they differ in meaning?
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Author Photo DenC Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Oct 30 2023, 9:28am CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
"Ang" is definitive unlike "ay".
1 = That is the prize that will be ours!
2 = That prize will be ours!
3 = That will be our prize!
Notice that 1 gives an emphasis to "that" (the prize) because of the definitive article "ang". There's no difference aside from that. But in casual settings, they become the same thing when roughly translated [That prize will be ours!].
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Author Photo NovaChromatic
Oct 30 2023, 1:25pm CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
@DenC Thank you for distinguishing them! Which of the 3 would you say is the most natural in speech since they do essentially all mean the same thing?
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Author Photo DenC Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Oct 31 2023, 2:17pm CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
@NovaChromatic For me, they have the same meaning but they differ on the intent. 1 sounds natural when you're aiming to show what the prize is or when there are several things that can be the prize and the one you're showing is what you want. Meanwhile, 2&3 is when you want to somehow boost the morale of, say for example, your team. Because it's like you're claiming the prize as yours already. In that regard, I'd say 3 is more natural and uplifting than 2.
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