Question: “Bakit mo pinost?” vs “Bakit pinost mo?”

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Author Photo by: NovaChromatic
Oct 21 2023, 9:19pm CST ~ 1 mo., 8 days ago. 
Question: “Bakit mo pinost?” vs “Bakit pinost mo?”
What's the difference between the two, or is one ungrammatical? (Yes, I know that the full verb is "ipinost" and not "pinost", but this is a Taglish verb used in informal contexts, so you almost always hear it with the i dropped.)
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Author Photo Juantutri Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Oct 22 2023, 7:08am CST ~ 1 mo., 8 days ago. 
1. “Bakit mo ipinost?”
2. “Bakit ipinost mo?”
If you wanted to say “Why did you post it?”, then both sentences would mean the same thing - the motive for posting. Sentence 1 though sounds more natural than 2.
Sentence 2, if spoken in a certain way, would be understood differently. Pausing after “bakit” would mean “Why? Did you post it?”. The speaker wants to understand the intended meaning of a preceding statement or question.
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