Question: pilosopiya, transpersonal na psikolohiya, at coaching

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Author Photo by: graemew
Feb 05 2023, 1:44am CST ~ 1 mo., 19 days ago. 
Question: pilosopiya, transpersonal na psikolohiya, at coaching sa buhay?
Aside from conversational Tagalog, I'd love to learn some specific vocabulary to help me with long-term goals. My key interests (which all inter-relate) are:
*philosophy (specifically Stoicism at the moment)
*transpersonal psychology (specifically psychosynthesis)
*life coaching (specifically using psychosynthesis as the framework, especially focused around the 'act of will')
Resources - can anyone suggest any Filipino resources for these topics? I can probably find (or create) vocabularies, but if there are podcasts or blogs, then I can practice my language skills. For example, I found this podcast, which has a summary of Marcus Aurelius's 'Meditations': k/podcast/the-ethica l-juan-podcast/id150 4034933
I also found a translation of Epictetus's Enchiridion, however, it is translated from an older English translation into Tagalog using Google Translate, rather than Greek to Tagalog, with English translations for guidance: enkiridiyon (but it's a good start!)
Movies - which they might not specifically get into deep philosophical or psychological conversations, if either of these topics are present, then they might be a good movie for me to watch (I have various movies to watch already). An English-language movie, as an example, would be 'Waking Life'.
Conversation partners / teachers - At the moment, it would rely on you have very good English skills, but I could exchange both English and coaching / mentoring / teaching in exchange for you translating key terms into Tagalog, for me to add to my vocabulary and learning how to phrase and express things. I have a very good introductory method that is fairly straight forward, but having Tagalog instructions would mean I could offer it to a broader range of people (it wouldn't rely on them understanding English to a high degree).
I'll leave it at that, but you're welcome to direct message me to discuss further, or add a comment/question below.