Question: A Question on Tagalog Grammar

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Author Photo by: kasong
Jul 20 2023, 10:10pm CST ~ 2 mos., 6 days ago. 
Question: A Question on Tagalog Grammar
Are the two expression both acceptable in Tagalog, or only (b) is okay?
(a) malinis silid
(b) malinis na silid
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Author Photo Juantutri Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Jul 21 2023, 10:22pm CST ~ 2 mos., 5 days ago. 
(a) is baby talk
(b) is okay because it follows the rule that a modifier and the noun need the "na" linker between them. Malinis na silíd = Silíd na malinis = Clean room
If "malinis" is used as the subject complement, then the "na" should be "ang".
Malinis ang silid = Ang silid ay malinis = The room is clean.
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Author Photo kasong
Aug 10 2023, 2:28am CST ~ 1 mo., 16 days ago. 
Aha, Thank you very much!!
It's very useful information for me.
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