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Question: Resource for learning prefixes?

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Author Photo by: GinoongCrook
Jun 22 2022, 3:57pm CST ~ 1 week, 1 day ago. 
Question: Resource for learning prefixes?
I've been studying Tagalog for some time now, and overall I feel that I'm making good progress. However, one piece I still struggle with is the vast number of prefixes. Up until this point, I've been trying to just learn them as they come up, but I'm finding it difficult to commit these to memory and reproduce them in conversation.
Are there any resources dedicated to teaching prefixes or lists of common prefixes that I can study? Does anyone have any tips for learning these?
Thank you for your help!
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Author Photo jeffkrauss
Jun 22 2022, 10:43pm CST ~ 1 week, 1 day ago. 
I have the same struggle. Something I’m finding helpful so far is TDC’s “Verb Acquistion” flash cards.
They provide you with a small set of verbs (affixes are mixed up within a set).
After you do the set with the root word and aspects, then the next 7 sets are practice fill-in-the-blank sentences wherein you have to decide on the proper verb (including proper affix) and the correct aspect.
It is helpful because it’s not just memorizing the verbs but practicing them.
Hope that helps! hcards/verb_conjugat ions.php
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Author Photo Jimmy329
Jun 24 2022, 7:20am CST ~ 6 days ago. 
Mhh ... this is a very complex topic ... what a pity, so few people are commenting on it ...
Prefixes are a very important part of Tagalog language ! Verbs are formed not only by conjugation (or inflexion), they are also often modified by affixes most of all prefixes.
There is an abundance of prefixes ... the list is sheerly endless ... some are used heavily others show up just once in a while ...
So far I have found no grammar book, that really covers that topic in detail ... And I dont think there is a list of general rules ... and this is so, because most probably there are no general rules ! Most grammar books mention a few basic facts only. E.g. prefixes are conjugated, in contrast to european languages: maka, naka, nakaka, makaka ...
But there is much more. As an example let's take the prefix PAG ... it can be used to form the gerund of a verb:
pagkain, pagkanta - eating, singing
pagbabasa, pagsusulat - reading, writing
Sounds great ... doesn't it ? But did you notice, that there is something tricky about it ?... Why do some verbs duplicate the first sylable(pagbabasa), while others do not (pagkain).
Very simple: MAG-verbs duplicate, UM-verbs do not ... so far I did not find ANY grammar book, that would really deal with that topic in detail ...
And by the way
pag-ibig - love
is just a "noun-maker" and does NOT form a gerund. Things are not so easy, obviously ...
The above rules are far from being complete. This is just an example of some rules that apply to prefixes. I dont think there is a complete list of rules .... and most probably if there was a list, I suppose it would be endless.
So I think, the best way to deal with prefixes is, to start with a small set and find out, how these prefixes are used in every day conversation by trial and error. Like a child, that starts learning the language. Maybe the best way to do so, is to have a sweet and patient pinay girl friend ...
Most probably it will take a long time until a foreigner catches up the spirit of using prefixes in Tagalog language ...
I hope I did not bother you with my thoughts on Tagalog prefixes ... otherwise just ignore me ...
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