How do. I am studying Tagalog as an inroad into Malay/Indonesian

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Author Photo by: Chickennugger
May 07 2022, 12:47am CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
How do. I am studying Tagalog as an inroad into Malay/Indonesian. My reasoning is that, as an Austronesian language, the grammar will be comparable, so if I get the hang of Tagalog (which I expect will be easier than Malay due to the large number of Spanish and English loanwords lessening the vocab load) Malay should be a snap (comparatively). Additionally, I don't know any Malaysians or Indonesians, but I know several Pinoys and they all have a comfortable grasp of Tagalog as they speak it at home.
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Author Photo aemuhn
May 07 2022, 4:51am CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
Native Malay speaker here, Tagalog has a lot more grammar rules than Malay/Indonesian that you have to follow so I can definitely confirm if you can get the hang of Tagalog, Malay/Indo will be easier for you
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Author Photo F13RYFOX
Jan 19 2023, 9:56pm CST ~ 8 mos. ago. 
hmmm so if I know spanish and english it should be a bonus when it comes to learning Tagalog? and if so, YESHH!
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