Tagalog Reader Bookmarklet

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What Is It?

This "Bookmarklet" is a way for you to very quickly and easily import text into the Reader program from any website! Compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Installation Instructions:

In order for this to work, your "Bookmarks Toolbar" must be visible in your browser. Most browsers have this by default, but you can use these links if you need help turning it on. You should only have to do this once. Bookmark Toolbar Instructions: Chrome | Firefox

Once you have your bookmarks toolbar visible you can then add the Tagalog Reader bookmarklet to that toolbar.

The code for this "Bookmarklet" is contained in the blue button above that says "TagalogReader".

Click and drag (holding down your mouse button) this blue button onto your browser's Bookmarks toolbar to install.

See screenshot below:

Usage Instructions:

Once your "TagalogReader" bookmarklet is in your Bookmarks bar, it's extremely easy to use!:

  • Go to any website with Tagalog.
  • HIGHLIGHT the Tagalog text you want to read with your mouse.
  • CLICK the "TagalogReader" button in your browser's Bookmarks bar (you do not need to drag and drop).
  • The bookmarklet will automatically import your text into the Reader form.
  • DON'T FORGET to click "Save" at the bottom of the next page to save and read your content within the Reader Tool.
  • Once saved you'll be able to read the article immediately within the Tagalog Reader Tool!

Need Help?

Need help or have questions about how this works? Please post your questions on the forums.