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Marou Radio Announcer
Official Teacher
Community Tagalog Tutor
Living in: Quezon City
Last online: 6 mos. ago teacher since: Oct 8th, 2020
Rate: $9.00/hr

*** This teacher is currently not able to accept new students.***

About Me

Hi! I am a radio broadcaster at an AM station in the Philippines where I talk about health, news, travel and feelings. I write two columns in a tabloid about food, travel and health. I have been on tv talking about the same things.

I do lectures on the use of Filipino language in broadcast and print. I helped develop the curriculum for the new K to 12 system of the Department of Education focusing on media.

i love to sing, and I dig trance music and wave music of the 80s.. I love to listen to people's stories.

My Teaching Style

I'll make sure that we will have a fun time learning about our language, Filipino, and our culture, food and the people. I'll tell you stories to make learning more interesting. I can also share some recipes so you'll get a taste of Filipino food right in your own homes.

I will use teaching tools like flash cards, writing materials and pictures to help you learn better.


This teacher has submitted documentation to to verify the following credentials:
VERIFIED: AM radio station broadcaster.
VERIFIED: Newspaper columnist.

*** This teacher is currently not able to accept new students.***

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