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Professional Tagalog Teacher
Living in: Tarlac City
Last online: 2 days, 15 hrs ago teacher since: Oct 12th, 2020
Rate: $10.00/hr

*** This teacher is currently not able to accept new students.***

About Me

🌟 Hi there! I'm Elcy, your potential language-learning buddy from the Philippines! 🇵🇭 I've been teaching for over 5 years, and I'm not just a tutor; I'm here to guide you on this exciting learning journey.

🗣️ Lively discussions, engaging activities, fun games, conversational, and even cool self-videos - your choice!

🎓 I have a degree in teaching Filipino, and I'm currently studying for my Masters in Education. I love making learning fun and meaningful.

🚀 I'm always learning new ways to teach and creating lessons that fit how you learn best. I'm not just here to help you with Filipino and English - I want our lessons to be interesting and important.

🌈 Outside of teaching, I love singing and reading inspirational and educational books. I bring my love for different experiences into our learning.

Join me, and let's make learning a real adventure! I'm excited to meet you and explore the world of languages together.
Kitakits! 🗣️✨

My Teaching Style

🗣️ Unlock the beauty of conversational Tagalog with me, Elcy! 🇵🇭✨ My approach to teaching conversational Tagalog is all about practicality and engagement. With over 5 years of teaching experience, I've perfected a method that goes beyond textbooks and immerses you in everyday Filipino conversations.

🔤 We'll start with everyday phrases, expressions, and real-life scenarios, gradually building your confidence to communicate effortlessly. From greetings to casual chats, I tailor lessons to your pace and comfort, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free learning experience.

🎙️ Engaging in actual conversations is key, so our sessions will be filled with interactive discussions, role-playing, and activities that mimic real-life situations. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, I'm here to guide you on your conversational journey.

🌟 Let's make learning Tagalog not just a language task but a delightful experience. Join me, and let's chat our way through the richness of conversational Tagalog! 🗨️🚀


This teacher has submitted documentation to to verify the following credentials:
VERIFIED: Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Filipino - Tarlac State University
VERIFIED: ICTeach Information and Communications Technology Integration in Education - Certificate of Training (80 hours)
VERIFIED: Capability Building and Pre-service Teachers' Training of Chain Rinivarts Educational Training Center - Certificate of Completion (168 hours)

*** This teacher is currently not able to accept new students.***

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