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Professional Tagalog Teacher
Living in: Pasig
Last online: 7 hrs ago teacher since: Oct 14th, 2020
Rate: $15.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $15.00

About Me

I am a multilingual professional working in three languages (Tagalog/Filipino, English, Spanish). I have been teaching Filipino as a Foreign Language for 10 years, and received training as a teacher of Filipino as a Foreign Language from Sentro Rizal, the official government institution promoting Filipino culture globally. Apart from teaching, I am also a translator and interpreter.

I specialize in teaching Filipino/Tagalog to heritage learners and Advanced Filipino (Literature, Humanities, and Cultural Studies).

I am also doing an MA in Araling Pilipino (Philippine Studies: Language and Socio-Cultural Studies) at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I did a teaching internship in a youth project in Romania, studied in Indonesia and Colombia under scholarships by the Indonesian and Colombian governments respectively, and spent a few years in Spain as a language assistant in a public school.

Currently, I am a Spanish teacher for the secondary level at an international school in Manila.

Having grown up in the province of Laguna, I am absolutely in love with the Tagalog language. It connects me to my deepest roots and it is a home I always carry.

My Teaching Style

Being in the field of Philippine Studies, the classes go beyond language. You can expect a teacher with expert knowledge on Philippine linguistics, history, culture, and society. Also, as a successful language learner involved in different polyglot communities I can help you navigate the world of language learning.

The classes are communicative and context based. Apart from applying techniques and principles of second language acquisition, we will incorporate language coaching strategies throughout your program. We will set achievable goals, formulate an effective learning strategy, and build healthy habits to help you reach fluency.


This teacher has submitted documentation to to verify the following credentials:
VERIFIED: Master's - Araling Pilipino (Philippine Studies)
VERIFIED: Bachelor's Degree - Literature
VERIFIED: English and Filipino Instructor Enderun Colleges
VERIFIED: Learning Specialist - Spanish Learnship GlobalEnglish

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $15.00

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