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Hannah Kaye
Official Teacher
Professional Tagalog Teacher
Living in: Rizal
Last online: 14 mins ago teacher since: Oct 30th, 2020
Rate: $8.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $8.00

About Me

Unlock the Beauty of Filipino language with Teacher Hannah: Dive into a World of Fluent Conversations!

Hello there!

I am Teacher Hannah. Are you someone who is trying to learn Filipino to communicate with your loved ones? Are you a heritage learner who wants to improve your Filipino language skills? Or are you simply fond of learning languages? From zero-level beginners to intermediate or advanced learners, together we'll unlock the secrets of this beautiful language, connecting hearts and bridging cultures. Let's embark on this adventure together and watch your language skills soar!

My Teaching Style

I create a personalized lesson plan depending on the learning goal of the student. My 50-minute lesson is comprised of:

-Grammar Discussion
-Dialog (Role-Play)
-Free conversation

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $8.00

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# Lessons Given, Past 30 Days: 31
# Upcoming Lessons: 9