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Len Saga
Official Teacher
Community Tagalog Tutor
Living in: Davao City
Last online: 1 mo., 21 days ago teacher since: Nov 11th, 2020
Rate: $8.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $8.00

About Me

Mabuhay! Learn Tagalog confidently and fluently! I'm a friendly and dedicated Tagalog tutor for all age groups. Good day to all of you! I'm Teacher Beverly. I'm a Tagalog, Iloko, and Cebuano speaker. I'm here to teach you the Tagalog language with fun and confidence! Learning a new language is not easy at the beginning but if you're dedicated to what you are doing, then nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

My Teaching Style

Every learning process always starts with the basics. That includes, listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

I will give more attention to my student's preferences.

We will practice how to pronounce the words properly and help you be familiar with the frequently used expressions in daily life.

At the end of every lesson, you'll get more confident to communicate in Tagalog.

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $8.00

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