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Hello, what's up mga sangkay. Magandang oras po sa inyong lahat. Pag-usapan po natin itong gustong gawin ng ICC na gusto nilang mangyari kay PRRD or kay former President Duterte.
Dahil mga sangkay, gumagalaw po sila ngayon na tila baga ano eh, ayaw po papigil na tila gustong dalhin ang ating dating pangulo sa rehas.
Ngayon mga sangkay, eto ang nangyari. Pag-uusapan po natin ngayon pero bago po tayo magpatuloy, huwag niyo pong kalilimutan na ilike ang ating video.
Ito po mismo na papanood niyo para mapanood din po ng marami sa ating mga kababayan.
Okay, eto na. Sa walang pagtatakal, umpisahan na po natin ito. Tara!
Okay, medyo mainit po ngayon ang pangingialam ng ICC, international sa ating batas dito sa Pilipinas.
Na tila baga ang gusto nilang mangyari sila ang masusunod. Hindi po yung, dito kasi sa atin mga sangkay, umiikot pa rin po yung batas natin eh.
Diba, umiikot pa rin po yung saligang batas, hindi po tayo baldado.
Okay ngayon, ito po yung gustong gawin ng ICC kay PRRD na binara po ni S.O.J. Rimulya.
Eto mga sangkay, pakinggan po natin. Talagang ayaw tigilan po ang natin pangulo eh.
Well, they're insulting us.
Diba? Tinanong po dito kung anong masasabi sa ICC, sabi po niya kaagad, well, iniinsulto nila tayo.
Tayo mga Pilipino, hindi lamang po sila kundi tayo mismo.
Dahil hindi naman po baldado yung gobyerno natin at saligang batas. At maging yung mga hukuman po natin, gagaya po ng Supreme Court eh, anjan naman.
We have to, there are many limitations as to many of the things that we do in the country right now.
The NBI is in the process of reorganizing. The modernization is pushing through.
We are about to hire 1,000 more agents. We are building capacity. It is a capacity building exercise we're doing.
In the terms of the PNP, we have suggested ways to reform the system so that the Internal Affairs Service will be better emboldened and will be better, more empowered to investigate.
So, we are, as a country, we are doing what it takes to fix the system. And we are a fully functioning judicial system.
Nagpa-function po ang judicial system. Sabi po ni S.O.J. Rimulya, bakit kayo mangingalam? Nagpa-function naman kami dito. Hindi naman kami baldado.
I don't see where they will come in, what role they will play, unless they want to take over our legal system.
Diba? Gusto nilang i-take over yung legal system na mayroon po tayo sa Pilipinas. Remember, pwede lamang po mangialam ang ICC sa isang bansa kung ang gobyerno ng isang bansa.
Yung sistema ng legal or yung legal system sa isang bansa, e baldado. Ang problema, mga sangkay, nanginyayalam po sila at gustong bitbitin ang dating pangulo sa kabila po ng katutuhanan na hindi naman po baldado tayo sa ating bansa.
Ang bansa po natin maayos po. Kahit medyo magulo lang, mga sangkay, pero yung sistema natin, lalong-lalo na po yung judicial, e okay ng okay naman.
They want to take over our country, and I don't see that happening.
Yes, please.
Sir, good afternoon. Sina Lina Mote from LHK. So sir, what will be the next action that the Philippine government will be taking after this pronouncement by the ICC?
Kasi yung ICC ngayon gumagawa na talaga ng pamamaraan para po bitbitin ang dating pangulo.
And have you informed the President about it and what's his reaction?
I will speak to the Solicitor General about the course of action that we will take as a county here. Definitely I do not welcome this move of theirs.
And I will not welcome them to the Philippines unless they make clear that they will respect us in this regard. I will not stand for any of these antics that will turn to question our sovereignty, our status as a sovereign country. We will not accept that.
We will not accept that. Ganun lang kasimple. ICC makinig kayo. Huwag kayong mangingialam sa bansa namin.
Malay, hindi na kasi talaga nila makontrol ngayon ng Pilipinas unlike before. Diba? Panahon ni Pinoy, kontrolado po ng western ang ating bansa.
Not yet. I haven't spoken to the President yet but I'm speaking offhand here. In February we will be having a special rapporteur in the person of Dr. Tidwell Beans, special rapporteur on EJ case.
We are dialoguing with everybody necessary. We are building capacity as I was saying because we need capacity to be able to undertake many of the work that has to be done in the country.
Why the EJ case special rapporteur? Because our capability in the forensic field and pathology is very much limited already and our doctors are not any more empowered. They're not competent enough.
We only have two licensed forensic pathologists in the country right now. So we have to build capacity. That's what we mean by building capacity.
In fact, this is the first time that we even invited a special rapporteur to come over because we're making a clean breast of our problems. That's why the timing of the ICC is very wrong.
The action of the ICC is really wrong. You know what the ICC wants is to put PRRD in the war on drugs. The EJ case is what they want to plant.
That's why the ICC is very adamant until now. They know that former President Duterte is still there. He's still a rock star to the politicians.
And whoever he beats, it's still possible to win, especially in the next elections. So there will be no place for anyone to fight our government, which you know who it is.
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So let's go back, Sangkays.
Right now, because we are doing what it takes to change the situation and to build capacity in the country to be able to address all these problems that came up before.
And remember, they're talking about problems that cropped up 12 years ago, when we weren't even in this office yet.
And they expect us, within 7 months, to answer every question they have? Is that reasonable?
I think you yourselves can answer that. It is not a reasonable, it's not even a request, it's an imposition that they want to do to a sovereign country.
But we will not stand for that.
There you go. The ICC is really getting mad. Former President Duterte, right?
They have no power to do that. Why? What does the ICC have?
They want to know our judicial system. They want to know our law. They want to know our justice.
Isn't that where the Supreme Court is? There are other places like this.
In the DOJ, what else? There are many other places where our government doesn't go down.
They just need to know that our government is really no longer able to pursue justice in the Philippines.
Why don't they go to North Korea? That's it.
You will see what kind of madness the ICC will do there. Let's see.
They're not even coordinated with us about it. If they want to come in as a hostile government, as a hostile force, come in.
But they cannot do that to us.
Sir, I'm Nancy Carvalho, Politico. Sir, the President has been going abroad, selling the country.
That's a long question.
It's really annoying. It's annoying because of the ICC's demand.
They've been wanting to do this to PRRD for a long time.
That's why they don't have a leader unlike the time before PRRD and PBBM.
But what's your comment on this, Sangkay? That they really want to bring the former President Duterte inside and lock him up?
Just comment down below what's your opinion on the ICC's demand.
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Okay, I'll say goodbye now, Sangkay.
Once again, this is me, Sangkay Janjan.
Always remember that Jesus loves you.
God bless everyone.