TOKYO THEME PARKS GALORE! (Disneyland, Disney Sea, Sanrio Puroland & more!) | Mariel Padilla Vlogs
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WE LOVE JAPAN! After all the snow, mag-theme parks naman tayo! I am so grateful dahil super duper saya to bond with my kids. Seeing my angels enjoying theme parks, eating new food, and bonding with tatay is enough to make this trip special. And what made this trip extra is that Camille, Robin's eldest daughter, was able to join and bond with us! This made me love Japan even more! #marielpadilla #Japan #travel #Tokyo #disneyland #disneysea #sanriopuroland #travelvlog #japanvlog Follow me on my other socials! Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - You can also check out my previous vlogs: New Year Celebration in Japan - Winter Wonderland in Hokkaido! Ski Trip + May House Tour pa! - Never Have I Ever w/ Pretty Trizsa - A Day in a Life: Taping Day for Moms - Our Sup
Mariel Padilla
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