CARLA ABELLANA TAKES A LEGIT LIE DETECTOR TEST (#ByBea Lie Detector Challenge: Ep.7) | Bea Alonzo
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It’s vlog day Saturday, and I have a very special guest ❤️ When I invited @CarlaAbellanaOFFICIAL to do the lie detector challenge, sabi ko, suntok sa buwan ito, pero bahala na, and then she agreed to do it! Grabe, hindi lang sya maganda at matalino, matapang at mabait pa. I hope I get the chance to work with her in the future. Check out the other vlogs from my Legit Lie Detector Series - You can also watch my previous vlogs: This or That w/ Boy Abunda - A Tour of My Japandi-Themed Office - Follow me: #BeaAlonzo #LifeIsBEAutiful #CarlaAbellana #ByBea #liedetectorchallenge For business inquiries, email:
Bea Alonzo
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