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Gusto mo bang mag grow, maging round and lifted ang booty mo? Do this glute workout every other day and see results! This is a beginner friendly workout routine with instructional voice over and modifications or progressions to match your fitness level. This is a no equipment workout but feel free to use a resistance band (booty band) for more intensity. Grow your glutes and not legs! Partner this booty workout with a high protein meal for best results. Check some high protein recipes in my meal prep e-books below. SHOP MY FIT & HEALTHY DIET MEAL PLAN E-BOOK: Enroll in our "Sana All Sexy" Online Course: (Note: Kindly email for other payment options) OUTFIT & Yoga Mat Links yoga mat: sports bra: leggings: https
Kat Aglipay
Run time: 11:15
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Sexy Love! Gusto mo bang gawing bigger, rounder, and more lifted ang glutes mo?
Do this workout 1-2 times per session, 3-4 times a week, and 20 later.
All we need is a yoga mat. I mostly ignore exercises by the day.
At kung may booty bands ka tulad nito, gamitin mo na rin. Pero kung wala, okay lang din.
Let's go!
We're gonna start with deep squats to warm up our glutes.
Squeeze your booty hard and make sure to keep your feet flat on the ground, especially your heels.
Inhale going down, exhale going up, and tighten your abs.
Malalim guys ha! Lower than 90 degrees para ma-hit talaga ang butt natin. Squeeze!
Now para naman sa outer booty side-to-side lunges. Kung nahihirapan, you can do the modified version, pausing with feet together after each lunge.
Remember to shift your weight sa side ng leg na naka-lunge while still keeping your feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your booty!
Baba na tayo sa floor para sa single leg glute bridge. Place your hands on your side and your heels just below your fingertips.
Lift one leg up and then lift your butt as high as you can, squeezing at the top.
Pag-angat, dapat mag-form ka ng straight line from shoulders to knees. Squeeze your booty hard. Pagbaba naman, do not arch your back and keep it flat each time it hits the ground. Exhale at the top.
Switch leg. Let's go, Sexy Love! You're doing good, Sexy Love! Keep it going!
Nice one! Dito naman sa donkey kicks, make sure your upper body is stable by keeping your core tight na parang may sumusuntok sa chan. Avoid swinging your hips and over-arching your back. Flex your foot para paralel sya sa ceiling pag kick mo.
Pinakamahalaga, dapat maramdaman mo to sa glutes mo so make sure to focus on squeezing your booty while doing each rep. Dapat stable and balanced ang arms at hindi gumagalaw.
Switch leg.
Alright, next move na. Crossover Glute Kickback. Start on all fours, extend one leg and then lift and bring it over to the other side. Then to the other side, parang nagdodraw ng rainbow. Squeeze your booty as you do this move.
Again, keep your upper body stable and your abs tight and feel this move in your glutes.
Switch leg.
Very good! Next up, Fire Hydrants para sa side booty natin. Keep your back flat, dapat neutral spine and keep your core tight as you lift one leg to the side. Dapat nakakold ang leg to 90 degrees. Squeeze your booty at the top.
You may add pauses at the top para on fire talaga ang booty mo. Watch mo yung version using the band.
Switch leg.
Yes! Now let's practice Hip Thrusts. Usually ginagawa to sa gym with a barbell. If you're a beginner, effective pa rin to even without weights. Try this in your couch or sofa.
Place your shoulder blades above the surface like this. Tuck your chin down. Look forward, not upward. Lift your hips as high as you can. Dapat nakatodo ha. And squeeze your abs and booty hard at the top. Pwede mong i-adjust yung feet mo, forward or back. Kung saan mas masipil mo yung tama sa booty mo. Dapat control din ang pagbaba. Exhale at the top.
Alright! Susunod, single glute bridge ulit. This time elevated na. Kung hindi pa komportable, you can do it again on the floor.
Switch leg. Tryin natin po, Sexy Love!
Nice one! Balik tayo sa Donkey Kicks. You can do this with or without a band. Keep in mind yung reminders kanina. Tight core and mind-muscle connection.
Go Sexy Love! Ang intense talaga neto pero tuloy lang for your booty.
Alright! Switch leg. Again, focus on the glutes. Keep your abs tight para feel mo talaga sa butt mo.
Nice! Ready for Crossover Kickback. Focus on your glutes.
Well done, Sexy Love! Switch leg. Really squeeze your butt.
Good job! Last move natin, Fire Hydrants. This time, try it with a pulse at the top. Keep your back straight, lift, then pulse, pulse, and down. Grabe to, you will really feel the burn in your booty.
Switch leg. Last na to.
Keep it going, we're nearly done.
Well done, Sexy Love! Kamusta? Nahirapan ka ba? O sakto lang? Comment mo naman sa baba. Expect mo medyo sasakit yung glutes mo or yung booty mo for a couple of days.
Pero okay lang yan, ganyan talaga. Kung gusto mo mag-grow ang booty, konting PS, hit replay para makompleto mo ang 4 sets. At kung tapos na, check mo naman yung workout na to para sa smaller waist and flatter tummy. At ito naman para sa lower abs.