The First Philippine Republic - An Epic Fail?
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Between Spanish Colonialism and American Imperialism: The First Philippine Republic (1899-1902) was a beacon of hope for many colonized and occupied people in Asia. Indeed, many independence movements were inspired by the Filipino Revolution and anticolonial revolutions would soon spring all across the region in the century that followed. But what exactly happened to Asia’s first democratic constitutional republic? 🔔 Subscribe: 🎥 Be my Patron: 📚 My books, ebooks, coloring books, merch etc. - Related Videos & Playlists: 🇵🇭 Precolonial & Early Philippine History 🌏 Demystifying Southeast Asia: 🏝️ Discovery & Conquest of the Philippines: Topics/Chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:09 A Short-lived Republic 06:21 Background: Spanish Colonial Rule 08:06 The Philippine Revolution and the Birth of the Republic 09:51 Th
Kirby Araullo
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Unknown to many, there have been many short-lived republics and nation-states in modern history.
One of the shortest, for example, was the Shuliavskaya Republic which lasted a grand total
of only four days in the city of Kiev between the 12th and the 16th of December in 1905.
And in terms of modern-day independent nation-states, this was outdone by the
Sultanate of Zanzibar which ruled the small East African island for just one day.
You know, between the end of the British rule on the 10th of December 1963
and its merger with Tanganyika to become the United Republic of Tanzania the following day.
You know, few of these short-lived republics and nation-states have much by way of history.
But that is not the case with one of Southeast Asia's shortest-lived nation-states,
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