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Q. What will be your directive to disaster response agencies and also to the LGUs that might be affected by the volcano's increasing activity?
... Hindi pa naman lumalabas yung lava. But if the lava flow starts, that's when we really have a disaster.
Right now what we are doing is preparing and moving people away from the area so that should the time come, kung hindi na, I hope it doesn't happen...
Fortunately the science tells us na parang ganun na nga mangyayari kasi yung lid or the cap on top of the lava is slowly rising, not so slowly rising, at paka puputup nga, kaya nakabang tayo ng husto.
At naka-ready na naman tayo at ganun naman talagang ating ginagawa. We watch it very very closely, make sure that any of the communities that could be affected are evacuated and are given assistance while they are evacuated until the time that they can return to their homes.
It's the same thing. Yung Taal, the problem is the release of the gas, toxic gas na medyo naramdaman na ng mga ibang tiga doon. At yun the DOH is looking after those people. And we have analyzed the problem and we know where the wind is blowing, kaya alam na natin kung saan dadaan yung toxic gases, kaya paiiwasin na natin yung mga tao na nakatira doon sa area na yun.
Thank you sir. Mela Lesmora, SPTV 4.
Hi, good evening sir. Sir ilang linggo na lamang po ay ikalawang State of the Nation address na niya. Kumusta po yung paghahanda para rito? At ano yung mga dapat i-expect ng mga tao mula sa inyong ikalawang zona?
Well, let me naman preserve, keep it until the time comes. Well, the truth of the matter is we're still preparing everything, all the materials that we're going to put together. Like any zona, it will be a report to the nation as to what the situation has, what happened in the last year since the last zona, where we are now, what we have managed to do.
And where we still have work to do. That is essentially the template that we're going to use. So the things that I mentioned in the first zona, we will have a look and see ano na nangyari doon sa ating mga pinag-usapan yung unang zona. At sa palagay ko naman, meron naman tayo ipapakita and that's what the content of the zona I think will probably be.
Thank you, sir. Last question from CCTV.
Thank you so much, Secretary. Thank you so much, President. I would like to know that because tomorrow marks the anniversary of China Friendship Day, so how do you expect and how will you strengthen the relationship between China and the Philippines?
Well, we were just talking with the ambassador and there are several things that we have, that we have, slowly the process that we began after my visit to President Xi and to China in January, we have developed those concepts, the concepts of communication, the areas of, the issues about the fishing grounds.
All of these things are continuing and we perhaps soon will be able to report. And this is the way that we strengthen this relationship that we have with China.
Of course, on the private sector side, this is going on without any stop. The opportunities that China has given the Philippines and the Philippine corporations and Filipinos in general have been invaluable to the Philippines and that's why that continues.
Whatever else happens, this relationship again will not be defined by the differences but by our common areas of interest and our common beliefs and the similarities in our culture which we both countries will understand very well.
I think that is a very fertile ground to build, to plant our relationship and keep it growing.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, Malacanang Press Corps.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.