What you actually NEED in your hospital bag! (BASED ON EXPERIENCE + RELIABLE) | By Kris Bernal
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Packing your hospital bag is SO much fun but can also feel a little overwhelming. "What should I bring?" "What should I leave behind?". We truly had no idea what to bring because we are new parents and are unfamiliar with the necessities for parents and babies. There's VERSION 1 and VERSION 2. We had to reshoot this vlog kasi sa VERSION 1, madaming mali, madaming sobra! This new version is based on our experience, kaya sa TRUE lang tayo! WHAT YOU ACTUALLY JUST NEED! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey SHE-zums! You’ve known me for quite a long time now. Thanks to my showbiz career, I got to showcase my love for acting and I can say I’m so blessed to have this kind of life. I may have played different roles in the limelight but I realized I haven’t really introduced the Kris Bernal behind the camera. So now, I’ve finally decided to do it. Everyone, this is me… Next time you’ll hear my name, I hope you would think of me as your
Kris Bernal
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