This Is Eat- Bee-sita sa Bee Farm with UH Funliner Jenzel | Unang Hirit
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Aired (January 19, 2023): Bee-autiful day ang hatid ng Unang Hirit dahil tayo tayo may inihandang Bee-sita sa Bee Farm with Queen B a.k.a. UH Funliner Jenzel sa Lipa Batangas! Paano nga ba nagha-harvest ng honey mula rito at panoorin rin ang pagluluto ng dish na ‘Honey Chicken Terriyaki’ na siguradong magugustuhan n’yo! Panoorin ‘yan sa video na ito. Hosted by the country’s top anchors and hosts, 'Unang Hirit' is a weekday morning show that provides its viewers with a daily dose of news and practical feature stories. Watch it from Monday to Friday, 5:30 AM on GMA Network! Subscribe to for our full episodes. GMA Network promotes healthy debate and conversation online. Any abusive language that does not facilitate productive discourse will be blocked from this post. GMA Network upholds ethical standards of fairness, objectivity, accuracy, transparency, balance, and independence. Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Serbisyong totoo lamang. Subscribe
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