How To Use The Tagalog Reader Tool

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The Tagalog Reader is a tool to help you more quickly translate Tagalog written text and tracking your vocabulary by integrating translation tools into the text you provide.

How To: New Text:

  • Go to the Tagalog Reader Tool section and click the "Add an entry" button.
  • Copy and paste any Tagalog language text into the box and click "Save".
  • View your new entry to read the text with assistance of built in translation links.

Track Your Vocabulary:

  • Click on yellow words in the text.
    New words are yellow
  • Click the "I know this word" button if you already know the word.
    You can also do Ctrl+Click (PC) or Cmd+Click (Mac) to toggle a word's "known" status.
  • Click the "Studying" button if you don't know a word.
    Words you're studying are blue
    You will be able to review these new words in "Studying Cards" page at any time.
  • Your goal is to get rid of as many yellow words in your text as you can!

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