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Raquel Jose
Official Teacher
Community Tagalog Tutor
Living in: Santa Rosa
Last online: 2 hrs., 21 mins ago teacher since: Oct 9th, 2020
Rate: $10.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $10.00

About Me

I am Raquel Jose, but you may call me Kelly.

I am currently teaching in an international school where most of our students are foreigners.

I am tasked to teach English and of course to non-native speakers of Filipino.

I am a very communicative and enthused teacher and at the same time as a person.

My Teaching Style

I love using communicative style in teaching, so that I will be able to ensure that my students will also turn out communicative individuals in terms of using Filipino as another language.

This is because I believe communication is very essential in learning another language and of course in enhancing a person's knowledge and skills in another language.

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $10.00

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