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Ms. Mary
Official Teacher
Community Tagalog Tutor
Living in: Balete
Last online: 6 hrs ago teacher since: Aug 30th, 2023
Rate: $6.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $6.00

About Me

Hello! Kumusta?

I am Ms. Maricar (Ms. Mary), your Filipino or Tagalog language tutor.

I'm a native Filipino language speaker and a Licensed Professional Teacher with five and a half years of teaching experience in various ages, grade levels and nationalities in a formal educational setting.

I completed my baccalaureate degree in secondary education with a specialization in teaching the Filipino language.

In my Masters of Education, I focused on teaching the Filipino language, and I finished 9 units. I also taught beginning to advanced Filipino grammar to foreign students.

Teaching is my passion, and I never put pressure on my students to perform in class. I create lessons that will help my students understand grammar, how to construct sentences and how to use them in their daily activities. I encourage student engagement in my classes and I know how to select activities that are appropriate for each student. I make my classes fun yet informative.

My Teaching Style

Incorporating interactive activities into my teaching methods as a Tagalog Tutor has significantly improve the learning experience of my students and make the language learning process more fun and successful.

To avoid overwhelming the students, I usually start with the basics of Filipino Language, such as common phrases used to begin the conversation. Then, I gradually introduce grammar rules, vocabulary building, and basic sentence construction.

Having conversational practice with my students is one of my best methods. Starting with simple greetings and working their way up to more complicated areas. I also simulate situations from daily life so the learners can practice speaking Tagalog by using role-playing activities. I show my students visual materials and ask them to give descriptions using Tagalog Language.

Introducing Filipino traditions and culture in my lessons through cultural activities is also a way of enhancing the students vocabulary. This can involve discovering local holidays, traditions, and delicacies. I always make my classes fun yet informative. These are just some of my teaching styles, but I still believe that there is no best teaching method because learners have different learning styles. It also depends on the students' needs and goals.

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $6.00

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